About clicbitz

Where technology meets children’s education.
Sparking creativity with 3D printers, graphic design, programming and more!

Our Achievements

Clicbitz ran successful children’s technology programs in 4 provinces, and 6 cities in Canada. Clicbitz has also ran #techday programs in schools in California USA, and Cancun Mexico.

Our Vision

Clicbitz unique teaching style and learning environment allows all students to participate in an engaging education program where they have fun while learning STEM. We believe passionately in making technologies accessible to children as well as safe to use in the Internet world.

Our Story

Clicbitz is a Canadian based children’s technology education company. We specialize in giving children aged 6-14 a hands on experience with: 3D printing, 3D modeling (kid-friendly CAD), 3D pen creations, computer coding, safe file storage and transfer, graphic design, learning how to invent, and how to use technology to problem solve.

clicbitz, IN ACTION


(093US) Clicbitz San Pedro Intro to 3D Printing/ Afterschool December 15, 2021
(092US) Clicbitz Point Loma 3D Printing / Coding Afterschool
Sept 14 – Oct 19, 2021
(091US) Clicbitz Poway 3D Printing / Coding Afterschool
Sept 13 – Oct 25, 2021
(090US) Clicbitz Point Loma Summer Camp: Fashion Design
Jul 19-23, 2021
(089US) Clicbitz Carlsbad Technology Camp for Kids
Aug 9-13, 2021
(088US) Clicbitz Point Loma STEM Camp for Kids
Jul 12-16, 2021