Calgary Technology Clubs

Clicbitz is hosting kids technology clubs in Calgary that introduce children to the world of 3D printing, coding, and design.

Clicbitz Kids Tech Day: Calgary, June 6th, 2020

Clicbitz Tech Day is a whole day of fun for up to 100 participants! There will be five different 45 minute core technology work stations for kids. We assign up to 20 kids per station, rotating every 45 minutes! TECH DAY helps kids build STEM skills in a number of different FUN Tech activities. We concentrate on: coding, graphic design for kids, 3D design, 3D printing, NFC communicating, Programming, all about plastic and how 3D printing helps our environment and sustainability.

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About the Clubs

Clicbitz kids technology clubs are the perfect intro to 3D printing, coding, and design.

Register your child now to:

  • Discover 3D printing
  • Learn to code
  • Design and create
  • Get a FREE backpack

By learning the fundamentals of 3D printers, your child will turn ideas into reality.

A variety of computer programs and interactive games will teach your child the basics of coding and how to solve logic problems.

They will also design and create their own project using a child-friendly CAD (computer-aided design) program.

Each child will receive a free Clicbitz backpack in the colour of their choice and 20 programmable Clicbitz buttons.

Your Child Will Learn

  • 3D printing is amazing
  • Coding and logic problems are fun
  • Showcase their creativity with TinkerCAD and Cricut Design Space
  • Program their very own Clicbitz buttons to display on their new backpack
  • How to be awesome using technology