About Clicbitz

More than anything, kids crave connection. Clicbitz are a fun way to connect with peers while learning the basics of computer programming. For the same price as a birthday card, you can program a Clicbit with a personalized messages that can be played over and over using the Clicbitz app, as well as displayed on fun Clicbitz gear.

About the Founder


Tracey Herriot is a fashion school graduate with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. From designing and manufacturing interchangeable purses, to founding and operating several 'Dress it Up' fashion retail locations across Canada, Tracey has followed her passion for fashion.

She's also been involved in her community through many sewing programs, including YWCA's Women At Risk program, and has worked with children through Girl Guides of Canada for more than 15 years.

As much as she enjoys fashion design, Tracey believes that technology is our future. Her vision with Clicbitz is to create products for children that spark creativity while promoting an engaging and healthy platform for learning technology.